One of the most confusing and surprising worlds results are here! 🙂

Medal statistics:

It does not look like it from the raw numbers but this year we saw a complete and total Japan domination. This yoyo mecca took swept away all the 1st places and took home the total of 12 medals. The second place goes to the United States who managed to get 8 medals. Which seems like a solid result, before you realise that 4 of those are from the non-championship divisions – Over 40 Freestyles and Womens division (which got Mexico the 3rd place thanks to the win of Beatriz Gallegos Gracia)

  1. place – Japan – 12 medals
  2. place – USA – 8 medals
  3. Mexico – Mexiko – 1 medal

1A division:

  1. Shion Araya (Japan) [FREESTYLE – taken from the livestream, muted, better quality coming soon]
  2. Yamato Murata (Japan)
  3. Zach Gormley (USA)
Full results:


2A division:


  1. Shu Takada (Japan)
  2. Hiraku Fujii (Japan)
  3. Takuma Yamamoto (Japan)
Full results:


3A division:


  1. Hajime Miura (Japan)
  2. Tomoya Kurita (Japan)
  3. Alex Hatori (USA)
Full results:


4A division:


  1. Rei Iwakura (Japan)
  2. Tsubasa Onishi (Japan)
  3. Michael Nakamura (USA)
Full results:


5A division:


  1. Takeshi Matsuura (Japan)
  2. Jake Elliott (USA)
  3. Sora Ishikawa (Japan)
Full results:


Womens Division:


  1. Beatriz Gallegos Gracia (Mexico)
  2. Tessa Piccillo (USA)
  3. Staphanie Haight (USA)
Full results:


Over 40 Division:

  1. Takahiko Hasegawa (Japan)
  2. Stave Brown (USA)
  3. Richard Cobb (USA)
Full results:


Freestyles are coming soon!


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