Large yoyo contests often offer the chance to host the so called alternative freestyles. This extra, unofficial division is on invite only basis and it’s purpose is to show off skills and performances of yoyo players who have an unique style of yoyo play which does not really fit with the current judging system and thanks to that these players have a little chance of making it into the final rounds. This “afterparty” division was first introduced in 2012 and usually takes place off stage, late at night, very unofficial and without any rules. The judging system is based on a mixture of feelings :).

Sebastian Brock managed to get this division together at this years World YoYo Contest in Cleveland. Getting the total of 33 freestyles together which were judged by Janos Karancz, Sebastian Brock & Stephen Fuentes. The playlist bellow this text contains all 33 freestyles and features names such as Patrick Borgerding,  Justin Weber, Palli Guomondsson,  Riccardo Fraolini, Ky Zizan or Isaac Sams.


Jan Kordovsky is the owner of the YOYO STORE, Czech national master in 5A, founding member of the International YoYo Federation & the Czech YoYo Asociation and die-hard yoyo player since 2003. He devotes 100% of his time to the store and all things around it. He's also involved in things around various (international) yoyo contests.

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