Section dedicated to explaining the vast collection of yoyo slang you can encounter. If you feel lost in all the terminology this should help you out:

A + 0-9

  • 4-Holes, response system used on some offstring yoyos. No longer (or very rarely) used.
  • (1)A, string tricks, string – basic style of yoyoing. String is tied to the middle finger of your dominant hand.
  • (2)A, looping, loop – yoyo style which utilises two looping yoyos.
  • (3)A, double handed – a combination of 1A and 2A. String tricks with two yoyos.
  • (4)A, offstring – another yoyo style where the yoyo is not tied to the string and can fly around freely.
  • (5)A, freehand, counterweight, [CW, FH] – yoyo style where player uses a counterweight on the end of the string.
  • Adjustable Gap is a design feature in some yoyos where you can adjust the width of the string gap, either by loosening / tightening the yoyo or by using different sized spacers.
  • AP, Artistic Performance, competition division which focuses on artistic side of the performance. Common on many larger contests.
  • Axle is a nut which holds the yoyo together


  • (Ball) Bearing [BB] – ball bearing in the centre of the yoyo. Makes it spin for a looooong time.
  • Bind – this is a trick which you have to perform if you have an unresponsive yoyo. Also known as “binding”.
  • Beefcake is a yoyo modification where the yoyo has two ballbearings next to each other. That widens the string gap and gives the yoyo a different feel.
  • Butterfly – yoyo shape which is most commonly used with string tricks )(


  • Concave Bearing [kk] – type of a yoyo bearing which has a U shaped profule
  • Ceramic Bearing ball bearing made from ceramic materials. Requires a lot of maintenance.
  • Counterweight – usually a dice which you tie to the yoyo string when performing 5A style of play
  • CYA – Czech YoYo Association


  • DCW, Duncan Crew Worldwide – team of players sponsored by Duncan Yoys
  • DifPad – response pad made by Frank Dif-e-Yo. It’s similar to Duncan Friction Stickers
  • Ding – scratch on a yoyo after an impact / contact with the ground. Also known as “Much Ado About Nothing”
  • Dorothy Bearing – ballbearing from YoyoFactory which is no longer produced
  • DoubleLoop – way to mount a yoyo string while performing looping tricks
  • DoubleDragon – play style promoted by Ky Zizan. Two strings attached to one yoyo.


  • Eiffel tower – popular yoyo trick which resembles an Eiffel tower, many variations exist.
  • EYYC – European Yoyo Championship


  • Friction Sticker, Sticker, [FS] – type of a response system from Duncan toys
  • Fixed Axle – axle of a yoyo which does not have any moving parts, usually made from wood or metal.
  • Freethrowing – awkward yoyo style where the player releases a 5A yoyo around different exterior surroundings
  • Frontstyle – tricks performed in front of the player (from long sleeper), oposite of Sidestyle where player performs tricks from a breakaway


  • Gap – space for a string in the centre of the yoyo
  • Grind – trick which includes contact with players finger / hand. Popularised by Johnnie Delvalle who won the 2003 World YoYo Contest (mostly) by performing these tricks.


  • Hubs – a nipple shaped growth in the centre of the yoyo where the axle is hidden.
  • Hubstack – a circular piece of plastic which is mounted from the outside centre of the yoyo on the hub. Alows the player to catch the spinning yoyo with his fingers and perform tricks. It is an invention from YoyoFactory who owns the copyright to these. Alternatively they’re called “JimmyHats” which is a Werrd expression for the same thing.
  • Hybrid respone, hybird – response system from YoyoJam, each half of the yoyo has a different response type. Usually starburst and o-ring.

I + J + K + L

  • Imperial – traditional yoyo shape ( )
  • Konkave Bearing – see. Concave Bearing.
  • Laceration – type of a tricks which includes launching the yoyo from sleeper utilising a slack of some sorts, usualy ends up in a picture trick or a green triangle.


  • Mercury bearing – bearing cleaned in the factory. Dry bearing.
  • Mod – modification of a yoyo to improve it’s looks or playability.
  • Modified– shape of a yoyo ideal for looping tricks | |
  • Mount – initial phase of certain yoyo tricks / combos. Wrist Mount is an Classic example
  • Moebius – style of play where player widens the finger loop up to a point when he can perform tricks inside it
  • Mint – unused or undamaged yoyo on which you can’t see that anyone was using it. Often used during 2nd hand trading

N + O

  • NYC – North Yoyo Contest, one of the Czech yoyo contests located in Usti nad Labem
  • Offstring – style of yoyo play. See 4A above.
  • O-Ring, Yo-Ring – response system patented and invented by YoyoJam. Rubber ring in the centre of the yoyo.


  • P213, a yoyo which has a spin top spike on one / both sides
  • Polyester, poly – yoyo string made from 100% polyester

Q + R

  • Recess – is a modification of Duncan yoyos. The purporse is to hide the friction sticker from the string gap and make it flushed. This reduces friction and improves performance greatly. Invented and pioneered by Takeshi Kamisato. Recess is also a brand which was created by Tyler Severance after his departure from the YoyoFactory team in 2015.
  • Respone system [RS], or Respone – a thing (sticker usually) which makes the yoyo spin and retrun.


  • Sleeper – the simplest trick you can perform with a yoyo. It involves the yoyo revolving around it’s own axis.
  • Smooth – this is one of the words which can describe anything and is completly wague and no-one can define it with certainty. You can have smooth yoyos, smooth surface, smooth style, smooth bearings, smooth freestyles. Anything can be smooth. It’s usually being used to describe yoyo feel.
  • SMYC – South Moravia Yoyo Contest, Czech yoyo contest in Moravia
  • SLYZ – Super Libový Yoyo Závody (Super Awesome YoYo Contest) – part of the Czech YoYo Cup
  • Sandblast – type of surface / yoyo finish which makes it smoother
  • Satinfinish, satin – similiar to sandblast
  • Shims – paper or metal circular items which are used to widen the yoyo gap
  • Sidestyle, oposite of frontstyle – tricks which begin from breakaway
  • Sidecaps, caps, – plastic circular items which are used to increase the weight of the yoyo, improve it’s design and to hide / protect the axle and nut.
  • Silicone – material used for response pads
  • Slack – type of a trick
  • Suicide – type of a tricks which involves a freeflying string loop which the player has to catch
  • SPR – response system used on BuzzOn yoyos (no longer exists)
  • Starburst – response system moulded into the yoyo body (see Knowledge base for more)
  • Stock – yoyo without any modifications, out of the box.


  • Thin Lube – lube used to protect the bearing but still keep it unresponsive
  • Thick Lube – lube used to make the bearing responsive
  • Thumb Grind – a type of grind where the player uses his thumb to perform a grind
  • Transaxle – free spinning axle which is not a bearing. Usually a plastic sleeve on a metal axle.
  • Transition – parts between different tricks / combos

U + V + W

  • WYYC – short for World YoYo Contest
  • Whip – type of a trick where the player uses a quick movment of his hand to catch a yoyo into a string loop. It’s also a yoyo from YoYoFactory and Brazilian yoyo player called Rodrigo Yokota.
  • Vibe (wibe) – term used to describe vibrations on a yoyo.

X + Y

  • YYF – short for YoyoFactory
  • YYJ – short for YoyoJam
  • YYOF – short for Yoyofficer
  • YYMČR – short for Czech YoYo Nationals (YoYo Nationals of Czech Republic)