Japanese YoYo Nationals ended a couple of hours ago and we already have full results and most of the freestyles! Great job by all the organisers and volunteers. We really can’t wait to see the World YoYo Contest!

1A – Takeshi Matsuura



1. Takeshi Matsuura

2. Yusuke Otsuka

3. Yamato Murata

2A – Takuma Yamamoto


1. Takuma Yamamoto

2. Shu Takada

3. Shinji Saito

3A – Tomoya Kurita



1. Tomoya Kurita

2. Mizuki Takimoto

3. Minato Furuta

4A – Rei Iwakura


1. Rei Iwakura

2. Naoto Onishi

3. Tsubasa Onishi

5A – Hideo Ishida


1. Hideo Ishida


2. Sora Ishikawa

3. Naoya Takeuchi

The rest of the freestyles can be found at YoyoVideoArchive under the tag 2015JN Final.


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