Josefina Nesporova x Blazing Teens


Our team member, Josefina Nesporova, came back from China about a month ago. She was there shooting a talent TV show based on the Blazing Teens yoyo franchise. After some editing and a bit of waiting the bit where she is is finally released so you can have a look yourself. The entire video is obviously in Chinese but the bits where Josefina is are in English. You can also spot Kentaro Kimmura (audience), CMF & YOYOFFICER Hong (judges) in some of the shots.

Josefina managed to get to the second round (out of 3) and after she saw here segment she mentioned that it’s heavily edited and without the cool tricks :)) There’s a slight chance that Josefina is going to appear again as a wild card guest but we’ll have to wait for that.

This whole TV show is a project of the Chinese toy company Auldey which owns the rights to Blazing Teens. A very popular TV show based on yoyos. One of the principles of this whole thing is that every character in this TV show has their own signature yoyo which Auldey produces and retails all around China. Both of the videos may seem pretty weird or funny to our eyes but they’re definitely an interesting look into the yoyo scene in China.


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