We’ve managed to run out of Kendamas for a few weeks. What a disaster?! But i think we’ve managed to fix that during the last week. We’ve restocked the entire Kendama USA lineup and we also got some popular Sunrise models back.

There’re a few items definitely worth mentioning from the Kendama USA box. First of all we now have the Dave Mateo Pro Model. This long anticipated Kendama took a long time to develop and now we know why. It’s constructed from 3 different types of wood (beech, padauk and sassafras), the tama paint is made from silk (2/3rds) and glossy (1/3rd) surface and it also stands out by it’s custom packaging which is different to other ProModels.


Dave also released a twelve (!!) minute promo video in which he explains the philosophy behind his creation and he describes the things which he likes about playing Kendama.

The second Kendama i would like to point out (because i really like it) is the beech kaizen with silk surface in black. It looks so good and minimal that i think it’s almost a shame to make dents into it. I can imagine it standing on a white shelf next to a turntable. But toys are meant to be played with!


It’s also worth mentioning that we now have striped Sunrise models. And for this time only they’re available for the same price as the standard, solid models. So if you’re craving a quality, affordable Kendama with a stripe (for better orientation) it’s a great time to cope one of these.






Jan Kordovsky is the owner of the YOYO STORE, Czech national master in 5A, founding member of the International YoYo Federation & the Czech YoYo Asociation and die-hard yoyo player since 2003. He devotes 100% of his time to the store and all things around it. He's also involved in things around various (international) yoyo contests.

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