We just lowered our FedEx prices! We use FedEx for worldwide delivery because it offers quick service (majority of the locations are delivered next day), precise tracking, good customer service and they’re able to deliver yoyos all over the world. Check out the “SHIPPING” section for your exact location, or look at the map with all the different regions.

Don’t forget that we also offer “TaxFree shopping” for customers outside of the EU (Shengen territory). You can buy anything from the webstore with a 21% discount (deductable at checkout).

Shipping prices examlpes:

  • USA – 12 USD
  • Japan – 14 USD
  • South Korea – 14 USD
  • China – 14 USD
  • Germany – 12 USD
  • UAE – 16 USD
  • Canada – 12 USD
  • Australia – 14 USD
  • Norway – 12 USD



Jan Kordovsky is the owner of the YOYO STORE, Czech national master in 5A, founding member of the International YoYo Federation & the Czech YoYo Asociation and die-hard yoyo player since 2003. He devotes 100% of his time to the store and all things around it. He's also involved in things around various (international) yoyo contests.

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