Holidays are almost here and judging by the massive rush at the customs office i think this is our last restock of Recess until the end of the year. We now have the full lineup in stock, available both online and offline.

A, First Base


We have both the Fruit Series First Base, in all flavours – Keiran, Daniel, Tyler, Colin and Kenta and also the opaque FirstBases – white one in very limited quantities and the black, finger edition one. If you don’t already have one, get some while they last!

B, Diplomat

We also restocked the Diplomat, it’s now available in black, Melania Trump racing red & monster purple & green. A very nicely done monometal, designed to fit the great Colin Beckford.


C, Vacation

This excellent bi-metal is now available in Andrews Coffee edition and for the first time in Harambery purple.



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