We received two new Kendama shipments this week. The first one was full of news stuff from Sweets Kendamas and the second one had was a restock from Kendama USA with few new arrivals. 10635964_890689180972483_5594048911472750801_n

We did not have many things from Sweets in the past few months but we finally brought them back! Few interesting pieces were in the box… Sweets ProModels, Prism with Halo effect and spacelike Marbles. Couple of Voodamas also made it over the ocean together with both premium and regular strings. 


The package from Kendama USA is a bit more recent (hence the lack of description on the webstore) and has a few interesting sticks. Apart from the obvious restock of ProModels, Pills (new green colour is here!) and few Kaizens we’ve also got a couple of Natural Kendamas made from Cherry, Padauk and Beech wood. And we also have Ghost Silks! From both Beech and Cherry wood. And because there’s never enough choice here are the strings from K_USA as well…


Jan Kordovsky is the owner of the YOYO STORE, Czech national master in 5A, founding member of the International YoYo Federation & the Czech YoYo Asociation and die-hard yoyo player since 2003. He devotes 100% of his time to the store and all things around it. He's also involved in things around various (international) yoyo contests.

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