Kendama players are hyperproductive when it comes to video edits. If I had to choose which company produces the best videos I would say Sweets Kendamas from USA. In last few weeks they release as many videos as some others do in a year. So if you have approximately 30 minutes, you should watch these great clips.



Sweets made some changes in their Pro Team and now there are 5 players. Each of them got a new signature model for 2017 and now they are releasing promo videos for them. Interesting thing is that these videos are more like personal profiles of the players more than just another edit full of tricks. So you can discover what Willy P studies, where Christian Fraser works, or how Sweets boss Matt Jorgenson started playing dama.


Prime Line

The newest addition to the Sweets family is called PRIME. These models are primarily for beginners, thanks to the price, but as you can see in following videos, even the most skilled players would lace bangers with them.


SWKT Winter Edit 2

Last, but not least, is the second winter edit from Southwest Kendama Team, which is based in Sweets’ home state Minnesota. Beautiful snowy locations and mindblowing tricks, all that with brand new Next Gen Homegrowns – Sweets’ flagship for this year.


Debakl officially known as Ondra Schmid started throwing back in 2005. Originally from a small town in the north of the Czech Republic, now based in Prague. Two times 4A Czech champion now prefers to be a judge at yoyo contests. He also loves to play kendama since 2013. If he's not holding one of his skilltoys then you can probably find him listening to some alternative music, watching Star Wars or drinking beer.

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