Ondra Schmid

Ondřej is better known as Debakl. He’s throwing since 2005 and together with Sheda and Korda belongs to the first generation of yoyo czech players. He entered the yoyo scene with a hilarious video where he attempts to throw 4A with his new YoyoJam HeavyGravity (not really designed to cope with offstring play) on his bed. Every “old school” player remembers him since then.  He spent his early youth outside of Prague in his hometown of “Česká Lípa” where he held regular yoyo lessons and was spreading yoyo love all around. Debakl became the Czech 4A champion in 2013 and next year he managed to compete in the World YoYo Contest finals. According to his own words he squeezed out all of his 4A talent. Soon after he became obsessed with Kendama which is currently his biggest hobby. You can often find Ondra in the store, teaching people how to play both yoyos and Kendamas. He’s also attending collage and he even has some spare time to visit weird, alternative gigs and review local craft breweries.

Favorite yoyo setup

Full length Kitty Strings XL, red YYF pady and DS bearing.

Favorite kendama setup

Beech tama with KenCo. Zen color and a stripe, walnut ken & Sweets Premium String

10 x 3 = 42

3 things you like the most about yoyoing: friends, shooting videos, contests

3 favorite metal throws: Severe 09, Canvas, Irony JPX

3 favorite plastic throws: Severe, Northstar, Gravity

3 top yoyo players: 3 style gurus: Tyler Severance, Guy Wright, Nate Sutter + 3 regular gurus: Steve Brown, Drew Tetz, Jensen Kimmitt + 4A favorite: Ben Conde

3 best yoyo events you attended: WYYC 2014, EYYC 2014, SMYC 2013

3 favourite tricks / elements: repeaters, suicides, palm grinds

3 music choices: The Blood Brothers, Scissorhands, Aphex Twin

3 top things to eat:  chicken curry, kung-pao, apple pie

3 favorite drinks: beer (ideally Krakonoš 12°), pepsi, orange juice

3 favorite yoyo videos: Severe 09 Promo, Ill Vibes, SAVEDETHcember Elliot Jackson

3 things you always carry: bottle opener, ID, tvírák, občanka, quiff