František Procházka

František got his first yoyo in 2011, it was a Duncan Flying Squirrel. Within the first five years he turned from the classic 1A beginner into one of the most talented 4A players in Czech. Everytime he appears on stage he’s full of incredible energy and you can see the joy from every well executed trick. It’s amazing to watch. He attended a massive number of contests, all the way from the local level to the World yoyo contest and you can usually find him in a offstring #trickcircle. His greatest achievment so far is 5th place from the European contests but he says he’s aiming much higher 🙂

Favorite yoyo setup

Another Eagle, Kitty string FAT Yellow, CenterTrack or FLAT bearing

10 x 3 = 42

3 things you like the most about yoyoing: friends, contests, joy from placing well on them

3 favorite metal throws: Bonfire, Shu-ta and anything i am in the mood for

3 favorite plastic throws: Diffusion, Yeti 2, First Base

3 top yoyo players: 4A: Jeon Ji Hwan, Michael Nakamura, Quentin Godet 1A: Ahmad Kharisma, Zach Gormley, Tony Sec + Guru: Axl, Korda

3 best yoyo events you attended: EYYC12, TYZ15, EYYC16

3 favourite tricks / elements: finger grinds, regenerations, bangers

3 music choices: depends on my mood

3 top things to eat:  sushi, burgesy / fried chicken, home made toast

3 favorite drinks: ginger beer, Arizona, IceTeam

3 favorite yoyo videos: Sanatorium, mrmatio – WYYC14, Wutini

3 things you always carry: phone, wallet, keys