Josefina Nešporová

Josefina Nešporová

Josefina is throwing since 2010 and is sponsored by the Japanese company Turning Point. She’s one of the few girls who not only plays yoyo but competes as well. Apart from playing she’s also a part of the Czech YoYo Association and she’s currently attending university. Her best competition effort is  third place from the European YoYo Contest and fifth place from the World YoYo Contest.

Favorite yoyo setup

100% polyester strings, yoyo from Kentaro a white YYF pads.

10 x 3 = 42

3 things you like the most about yoyoing: friends all over the world, the possibility to visit them, the surprise on everyone face when they find out what the hell i am actually doing

3 favorite metal throws: Shake, Isotope 2β, Houska

3 favorite plastic throws: Albino Leviathan, Speedmaker, Sun

3 top yoyo players: Sheda, Kentaro Kimura, and everyone on whom i can see that he’s excited about yoyoing (anyone from the beginners at yoyo lessons all the way to the world champions)

3 best yoyo events you attended: prague yoyo meetings, EYYC12, WYYC14

3 music choices: The Kooks, Florence, Ella Eyre

3 top things to eat: sushi!, anything from my mom, Saturday breakfast

3 favorite drinks: coffee, water (with cucumber, with lemon, plain), Martini <3

3 favorite yoyo videos: This is How We Do in EYYC, Steve Brown/365yoyotricks/2011, YYMČR2011 Adam Hříbal

3 things you always carry: purse / backpack / bag / suitcase / minaudière