Jan Kordovský

Jan Kordovský is better known as “Korda” in the yoyo community. He started throwing in 2003 and soon discovered the tiny local yoyo community which met up every Thursday in one of many Prague parks.  He went there and he’s throwing ever since. Korda is the owner of the YOYO STORE and he’s in charge of everything (so if there’s a mess up – shout at him). He builds and updates the website, replies to emails, make phone calls, sorts out disasters, ships stuff from time to time, he’s in charge of the social networks, paperwork and basically everything surrounding this “project”. Korda is also quite active in the community work. He’s one of the founding members of the IYYF and the Czech YoYo Association. He’s behind many Czech Nationals, few European YoYo Contests and one World YoYo Contest (which he takes as his biggest accomplishment yet). He’s also the Czech national master in 5A and he’s a co-founder of the first Czech metal yoyo – Hugo z Hor.

Favorite yoyo setup

Plastic yoyo with a slight vibe and a few battle wounds, audible concave bearing, white string, blueprint pads









10 x 3 = 42

3 things you like the most about yoyoing: (worldwide) community, opportunities, travel

3 favorite metal throwsIrony JPX, The Flying V, 401k

3 favorite plastic throws: Gilgamesh, Hyper Warp Heavy Wing, Freehand 1+0+Pro

3 top yoyo players: Steve Brown, Hank Freeman, Skip+Stu

3 best yoyo events you attended: first Czech nationals, Prague yoyo meetings, EYYM before 2010

3 favourite tricks / elements: superman, wind up, grin to a green triangle from Adam Gasczyk

3 music choices: Radiohead, The Chemical Brothers, Stairway to Heaven

3 top things to eat: spicy indian, KFC, BBQ

3 favorite drinks:: FlatWhite, Coke in all it’s mutations, green tea

3 favorite yoyo videos: GlassLab experiments, yoyo.cz production, SectorY videos

3 things you always carry: facetious remark, string dust, opinion on everything and everyone