Libor Bulíček

First time Libor got caught into yoyoing was at a local fair called “Ladronkafest” in 2010. He got his first yoyo there, the YoyoJam Classic. Gradually he got into competing and now he’s hooked for life. His speciality is 1A and 5A style of play and he can teach you both of which while he works at the store. He’s a part of the YOYO STORE family from 2013.

Favorite yoyo setup

Yellow Kitty String, concave bearing and red YYF pads.

10 x 3 = 42

3 things you like the most about yoyoing: ability to throw anywhere, people

3 favorite metal throws: Torque, Avalanche, Triumph

3 favorite plastic throws: Classic, Speedaholic, Diffusion 2

3 best yoyo events you attended: WYYC 2014, EYYC 2014, YYMCR 2012

3 music choices: DaftPunk, Prago Union, Flume

3 top things to eat: Pizza QuatroFormagi, fried noodles with peanut sauce, Godzila burger

3 favorite drinks: Mountain Dew, Oreo Ice Cream Sandwitch, Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla

3 favorite yoyo videos: WutWutiniWutinious

3 things you always carry: wallet, phone, keys