Milan Kurfiřt

Milan is probably the most characterful members of our team. For example he remembers precisely the day he started to throw yoyos (24th of June 2011). His aim is not to win contests but to play because he’s having fun and it expresses him. Be it his (often weird) tricks or his takeovers of our Snapchat. Milans ultimate goal is to become a professional Snapchatter. He’s trying to accomplish this by documenting everything around him – from yoyo contest, gigs and other cultural events which he often attends. Unless they’re “too mainstream”.

Nejoblíbenější yoyo setup

Kitty String Normal, červené YYF pady a konkávní ložisko.

10 x 3 = 42

3 things you like the most about yoyoing: friends, the feeling when one comes up with a tricks, precision

3 favorite metal throws: Oxygene Ozone, Strix, Draupnir

3 favorite plastic throws: Classic, Freebird 2, Empire Sun

3 top yoyo players: Riccardo Fraolini, Iori Yamaki, Drew Tetz

3 best yoyo events you attended: YOYO CAMP, EYYC, WYYC

3 music choices: Sunshine, Crystal Fighters, IS Tropical

3 top things to eat: Větrník (Czech dessert), nuts, svíčková (Czech dish)

3 favorite drinks: Water, GingerAle, beer

3 favourite tricks / elements: FingerSpins, Picture triks, Tether

3 things you always carry: mobile, yoyo, clothes