Ondra Horák

Ondra Horák

Ondra started throwing in 2009. In a really short time he managed to place quite well on several local (and national) contests. His secret super-power is the ability to perform a calm freestyle without many mistakes which is often deadly to many of his competitors. You can also find quite a lot of videos on his YouTube channel – Ondra is one of the most active Czech YouTube players. He’s also one of the few locals who is supported by an international brand – in his case – by YOYOFFICER. He has quite a good access to all the information, plans and new releases from this company so he’s the right man to talk to if you want to know more about these guys. One last interesting fact about Ondra is that you can often meet him in a skate park  – unlike anyone else from our team – he can manage more than just a plain Ollie.

Favorite yoyo setup

Normal or Nylon Kitty string, Ir pads or duckpads, DS bearing and a yoyo to fit the mood.

10 x 3 = 42

3 things you like the most about yoyoing: Friends and the community, never-ending fun and infinite trick possibilities, sense of joy that one gets from new tricks

3 favorite metal throws: Rave, Orbis and various other YYFFCIER throws

3 favorite plastic throws: Classic, Speedaholic, Gravity

3 top yoyo players: Korda, Jensen Kimmitt, Yuuki Spencer

3 best yoyo events you attended: YoyoCamp, Worlds 2014, EYYC

3 favourite tricks / elements: Horizontal grinds, chopsticks, triangles

3 music choices: Obviously The Doors… And also for example Beach Fossils, Arcade Fire, MF DOOM

3 top things to eat: Pizza, Rice noodles, everything healthy

3 favorite drinks: Soda, green tea, beer

3 favorite yoyo videos: Paul Dang production, yoyorecreation videos, InnMovement videos

3 things you always carry: mobile, yoyo a some spare change