Seva Golovin

Seva Golovin

Sevas first encounter of yoyoing was in 2011. Obviously he’s quite good at string trick but his favorite style is 3A which makes him unique in the Czech community. Not only he’s a YOYO STORE team member, he’s also a part of the Turning Point family which is notoriously hard to get into.

Nejoblíbenější yoyo setup

Bílý Kitty String, C3 pady a CenterTrack ložisko.

10 x 3 = 42

3 things you like the most about yoyoing: friends, best way to waste time

3 favorite metal throws: Isotope 2, Berseker,  Mo-Vitation

3 favorite plastic throws: Diffusion 2, Speedaholic, Classic

3 top yoyo players: Takeshi Matsuura, Tatsuya Fujisaka, Shinji Saito

3 best yoyo events you attended: EYYC2014, WYYC2014, YYMCR2012

3 music choices: Hoodboi, Cashmere cat, Tincup

3 top things to eat: Sushi, KungPao, Pelmeni

3 favorite drinks: CountryTime, coffee, OreoIcecreamSandwich

3 favorite yoyo videos: Shinji x Turning PointTeam yoyorecreation EYYC2014August Blueprint

3 things you always carry: wallet, mobile, keys