Ondra Šedivý

Ondra is the oldest, most responsible and most passive member of the YOYO STORE team. He started throwing in the year 2000, he’s one of the founding members of the Czech YoYo Association and he’s behind the creation of the Czech YoYo Nationals. He became a member of the Duncan Crew Worldwide in 2006 and later founded the YOYO STORE together with Korda. With whom he also organised numerous European YoYo Championships and the 2014 World YoYo Contest. All that while he was attempting to become a surgeon which me managed to do so, which means that he now spends most of his time doing some proper work – fixing people. He’s the official handbrake and spiritual backup.

Favorite yoyo setup

Any likeable plastic yoyo, white 100% polyester strings

10 x 3 = 42

3 things you like the most about yoyoing: all the people surrounding it, possibilities, originality

3 favorite metal throws? Strix, Oxy 4, Winning Bird

3 favorite plastic throws? Freehand (Zero a 1), The V, Renegade

3 top yoyo players? CZ – Josefina Nešporová, Adam Gaszczyk, Seva Golovin   Worldwide – Hank Freeman, Kohta Watanabe, Jason Lee

3 best yoyo events you attended? EYYM, Yoyocamp, Worlds 08

3 favourite tricks / elements? Czech Flag, Spirit Bomb, White Buddha

3 favorite yoyo videos? AAA throwdown 2001, Wish we were at worlds, EX3CUTE  (bonus: This is How We Do in EYYC)

3 top things to eat? chocolate, cashew nuts, thai food

3 favorite drinks? green tea – oolong, black coffee, mattoni

3 things you always carry? keys, watch & an iPhone