Thanks to Taka, the owner of SpinGear, we’ve got a rare glimpse into the New York Toy Fair and couple of yoyo related booths there. I would not mention it usually, toy fairs are a dreary place where joy and fun came to die, but i like what i saw this time so why not share it …

Around the World – YYF x BenConde

Looks like a new plastic yoyo for beginners is on the horizon. It was developed with (for?) Ben Conde and i have two theories about it. First one is that this is a small scale release which is going to go into a couple of specialist yoyo shops and primarily to Ben himself. So he can give it away / sell it at his shows, performance and school demos. OR it’s a major new release for a long term and it’s going to sit somewhere between the One and the Velocity. It definitely looks better than both of those combined so i want to see that option happening 🙂



Northstar 2017

Apparently there’s going to be a new Northstar. Looks like the same shape more or less, YYF is keeping the clear, Aurora colours and aluminium weight rings, One major change seems to be that horizontal grind hub cap. Exciting! I wonder if it also works as a hubstack…

Loop 720 2017

And the last bit of news that Taka shared is the new Loop720, whis no longer has the weird string response system, but it now features regular Starburst system. 2A people are already jumping with joy…

Both YoMega and Duncan have booths at the fair but neither of those had anything worth mentioning as far as i can tell.

Source: Taka Tumblr


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